Program Itinerary

Choose to race against other solo climbers or climb to test your personal resiliency.


Training Begins: July23

Personal Growth & Resiliency Training:

Each week, we host meet-ups to discuss the topic of the week, complete with homework, questions, and live discussion. You will finish the program with a renewed (or perhaps new!) vision statement and roadmap with specific goals for your life.

Physical Training & Fueling Guidance:

Each week, you will receive a training plan that includes both strength and cardio education and training goals, specific to your fitness level. There are 3 levels offered. We also provide an app,  that provides guidance on product selection for training and meals.

The Event:
An Epic Adventure & Challenge Weekend

You will be ready to take the challenge: A 3-Day event designed to teach and allow experiential work with resilience, confidence-building and awareness of higher potential. You will leave with a new sense of accomplishment. An experience like no other you’ve had. Your goal: to climb 29,032 feet. To Everest. (Other elevation goals available)


Arrive & Check-in

You arrive at the Mountain, check in and get settled in your glamping tent.

Dinner & Motivational Speech

Welcome Dinner under the lights with motivational speaker.


Post Dinner Send Off

We will release lanterns into the sky to kick off our start to the event.


Friday, 6am, Mountain Challenge Begins

You begin your 36 hour quest to climb to your chosen summit – go all night if you want to.


Saturday, 6pm: Your Quest is Over

Time for Post-summit celebration dinner and party.


9 AM – 
Say goodbye to new friends and a mountain that has helped teach us that we can do more than we believe

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