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The Finger Lakes Challenge:

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The SummitSix program and weekend event is all inclusive. Your final price will reflect the dwelling option that you choose during registration

Single Entry


Double Entry



The challenge is an intense climb up the Greek Peak mountain slope. Multiple times. It requires strength of mind and body to reach your ultimate elevation goal. Whether you’re solo’ing and attempting Everest, which is the most epic goal we offer or you’re a part of a team trying to reach Everest together, we know you will gain resilience and a better understanding of your own motivations for heading back up that mountain one more time. You can, and will, do this.


You will have many opportunities to form connections with your partner participants throughout the 6-week training meet-ups as well as your 3 days on the Mountain. Each week, we’ll meet online for your physical training program goals as well as the work we’ll do on your vision, purpose, and mental strength. Then, while we’re together, you’ll be involved with dinners, campfires, cocktail hour, and much more, not to mention the fun of the climbs! Our DJ will keep you all laughing and dancing throughout the weekend. We’re betting you’ll continue some of these new friendships long after you leave the mountain!


The program includes 6 weeks of mental and physical training. You have, at your disposal, trainers equipped to guide you through weekly cardio and strength goals each week as well as Coaches trained in resilience and goal-setting. Each week you can expect a little homework on both fronts, to assure you are ready for the Challenge when the time comes.


SummitSix Base Camp is located at the bottom of the mountain, where our bell glamping tent community lies. Inside the tents, you’ll find elevated mattresses and cozy comforters. Outside, campfires and Adirondack chairs await your tired body. The accommodations allow you to be a part of nature yet still enjoy modern creature comforts.

Our standard accommodation at Base Camp is a Glamping Tent that sleeps three (twin beds).  We also offer 1) 2 people per tent and 2) Hope Lake Lodge hotel rooms (single & double occupancy), 500 yards from Base Camp.


It is important that you are well-fueled for your big endeavor! We take care of nutrition for this epic challenge all weekend. This includes meals, snacks and training fuel. You can look forward to Kick-Off and Closing (Celebratory) Team dinners with inspiring speakers and “under the stars” dining as well as a cocktail hour on Saturday and great food all around.

All ingredients are locally sourced, fresh and nutritious. We also offer flexibility for vegan, gluten-free, and other options as requested. Please advise us of any special dietary needs when registering so we can be sure to accommodate you.



Meet Dr. Cheri Blauwet, As a decorated Paralympian and winner of multiple international marathons, Cheri is driven to inspire emerging athletes and promote diversity, equity and inclusion in sport. 


Physical Training & Fueling Guidance:

Each week, you will receive a training plan that includes both strength and cardio education and training goals, specific to your fitness level. There are 3 levels offered. We also provide an app,  that provides guidance on product selection for training and meals.

Personal Growth & Resiliency Training:

Each week, we host meet-ups to discuss the topic of the week, complete with homework, questions, and live discussion. You will finish the program with a renewed (or perhaps new!) vision statement and roadmap with specific goals for your life.

Challenge OPTIONS:

Relay Team Status

  • Teams must have 2-3 people.
  • Teams must attempt 29k elevation.

Choose Elevation:

What Does it Take to Climb 29k Solo?
A Solo Everest Attempt:

  • You will cover 25.2 miles of climbing at a 20% grade. Almost a marathon. Uphill
  • This assumes: A 14 minute mile walking pace on flat ground and a sub-10 minute run pace for 13 miles.
  • The 20% grade reduces your typical speed by 66% (without a fatigue factor)
  • Including descent time, this will take, on average, 25.4 hours. This leaves you with 11 hours for food and sleep.

Choose between 6 different elevation goals

Elevation Considerations

Other Considerations for Your Decision: We want you to respect the difficulty of the true Everesting challenge. It is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever encounter. If you’re not ready for it this year, don’t worry. Attempt a lower elevation for your first event and come back next year!

Ready for the challenge?

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