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SummitSix is an experiential personal growth program designed for individuals and groups. 

What Does it Take to Climb 29k Solo?
A Solo Everest Attempt:

  • You will cover 25.2 miles of climbing at a 20% grade. Almost a marathon. Uphill
  • This assumes: A 14 minute mile walking pace on flat ground and a sub-10 minute run pace for 13 miles.
  • The 20% grade reduces your typical speed by 66% (without a fatigue factor)
  • Including descent time, this will take, on average, 25.4 hours. This leaves you with 11 hours for food and sleep.


Let it be a personal challenge.
or race against others in a group.


Just out for team fun.
or race against other teams.

Elevation Considerations

Other Considerations for Your Decision: We want you to respect the difficulty of the true Everesting challenge. It is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever encounter. If you’re not ready for it this year, don’t worry. Attempt a lower elevation for your first event and come back next year!

Select Solo or Relay Team Status

  • Teams must have 2-3 people.
  • Teams must attempt 29k elevation.

Pick Your Event

To get your journey started, we would like you to pick your event, decide if you are entering as an individual or as a team and start thinking about your elevation goal.

The Finger Lakes

September 16-19, 2021


May 2022

North Carolina

June 2022


July 2022

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